Where is Anne Catherick?!


Where is Anne Catherick?! Or to be more accurate where is this painting? In a Tumblr post on Wilkie Collins’ sensational novel The Woman in White, I used the Pre-Raphaelite painting for illustration. The Somnambulist by John Everett Millais. It is thought by some that Millais was inspired by the book. It left me wanting to know which art gallery had it. Sadly, I learned that it was sold by Bolton Council in 2011 and appears to have vanished off the face of the Earth. If anyone knows where this painting is now, please let me know. Poor Anne Catherick, sold and missing! She never had any luck. We knew she had Sir Percival Glyde, Count Fosco and even her own mother to contend with – but now it seems as if even Bolton Council are set against her.



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