Going, going … GONE! When is it acceptable to sell public art?

A postscript to “Selling public art” – another sell-off

“Jane Eyre is a book about ugly people” – Casting period dramas

The peculiar life & times of Flaming June: “The most wonderful painting in existence”

Rossetti and the doppelgangers

Proof we all have Victorian doppelgangers – spooky!

Painting: The Letter of Introduction (1813) by David Wilkie (we’ve all been in this room)

Painting: The Funeral of Shelley (1889)

ART: Famous writers on cigarette cards

Painting: The Day Dream (1880)

Photograph (1840) – My grandpa met Shakespeare!

Painting (1808): Elizabeth Bennet, anyone?

Photograph: 1839 – The first “selfie” in history?

Painting: Answering the Emigrant’s Letter (1850)

Painting: The Breakfast – inc. thought bubbles

Photograph: 1844, Men drinking ale

Answers to photo doppelgänger puzzle

Photograph: 1838 The first human on film

Painting: Travelling Companions (1862)

Photographic fun – Match up the faces!

Photograph: 1913 family picnic, colour

Painting: The Poor Poet (1839)

Painting: The Novel Reading (1841)

Painting: A Pleasant Corner – John Callcott Horsley

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