Answers to photo doppelgänger puzzle


Here are the answers to the photo puzzle I put up recently.

A. Unknown young woman from Queensland, Australia (1884).

B. Nicole Kidman in The Portrait of a Lady (film, 1996).

C. Eva Green in Penny Dreadful (TV drama, 2014)

D. Unknown young woman photographed using orthochromatic film. Date not known but possibly taken in the late 1880s. Subject likely to have had blue eyes.

nicole_kidman_Australia _ unknown Queensland girl, 1884_smaller

Perhaps you guessed that I aged the Nicole Kidman photo to make the puzzle a bit more tricky. [Nearly right, explorenewness!] If I find any more doppelgängers, I’ll post up another photo puzzle. Do please let me know if you find any of your own – rather fun.

Edit – Since this post I’ve found many more Long Victorian doppelgängers – have a look at this post. Also, here’s a post on Victorian art and doppelgängers.

BELOW: Victorian doppelgangers on Pinterest (via The Long Victorian)



5 thoughts on “Answers to photo doppelgänger puzzle

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  1. Tee hee! 😉 I was fooled by photo “A”. I was looking through photos of Victorians and thought that Nicole Kidman had accidently got in there! I had to double check to be sure it wasn’t her. The Others is one of my favourite films.


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