Photograph: 1844, Men drinking ale

Life in the Long 19th Century Photograph taken in 1844 by David Octavius Hill (b. 1802 - 1870) The photographer is shown on the right, keeping his subjects relaxed - James Ballantine (left) and Dr George Bell (middle). Bell was one of the commissioners of the Poor Law (Scotland) Act 1845 and author of Day… Continue reading Photograph: 1844, Men drinking ale

Painting: Travelling Companions (1862)

Readers reading #6 The Travelling Companions (1862) - By Augustus Egg (1816 –1863). Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Oil on canvas. 65.3 x 78.7 cm What strikes most people first is that the two young women look almost like a mirror image of each other. There is a post on doppelgängers in Victorian art here.… Continue reading Painting: Travelling Companions (1862)