11 worst couples in literature: Dorothea & Edward Casaubon from Middlemarch

No. 8. Dorothea and Edward Casaubon from Middlemarch (George Eliot) Spoiler alert! Another of Eliot’s brilliant portraits of a hopeless pairing. Dorothea (“Dodo”) is a sheltered and intense young woman with a background in English and Swiss Puritanism: Riding was an indulgence which she allowed herself in spite of conscious qualms; she felt she enjoyed... Continue Reading →

11 worst couples in literature: Rosamund Vincy & Dr Lydgate from Middlemarch

No. 10. Rosamund Vincy and Dr Lydgate from Middlemarch Spoiler alert! Rosamund and Lydgate: One of the many gems to be found in George Eliot's Middlemarch is the genius psychological portraits of Dr Tertius Lydgate and Miss Rosamund Vincy (soon Mrs Lydgate) - including how their marriage faired from early pleasure, through crisis and life-sapping... Continue Reading →

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