Painting: The Poor Poet (1839)

Carl Spitzweg (1808 –1885). The Poor Poet. Der Arme Poet.

Readers reading #5 The Poor Poet (1839) – By Carl Spitzweg (1808 –1885). Neue Pinakothek (New Pinakothek), Munich, Germany. There's a man who has the right priorities. Little furniture, but plenty of books. Leaky roof, but no matter as he has an umbrellor. A poet? Not much new quality written that year. For some context… Continue reading Painting: The Poor Poet (1839)

Painting: The Bookworm – 1850

Readers reading #2 Carl Spitzweg – The Bookworm – 1850 – Museum Georg Schafer, Schweinfurt, German. Ahh .... I'm envious. Just don't step backwards! This post is the second in a series on art showing "Readers reading" (this was the first). My background in the booktrade and as a librarian has probably had an influence… Continue reading Painting: The Bookworm – 1850