More literary heroines (collective noun?)

Following on from a previous post The UK’s favourite 15 literary heroines, here are some other heroines that might have made it, but didn't. I leave you to identify the books they came from! By the way, what is the collective noun for literary heroines? A quill? A scribble? A canon? Thank you, Bill, for… Continue reading More literary heroines (collective noun?)

The UK’s favourite 15 literary heroines

The list below is from a survey of the UK's top 15 favourite literary heroines. I admit I have a weakness for book lists, perhaps it's my book trade background. This list doesn't really have any surprises, light-hearted but worth perusing. Sadly no heroines from the Long Victorian pens of George Eliot, Wilkie Collins or… Continue reading The UK’s favourite 15 literary heroines

Survey: Classic books Brits want to read

Survey: Classic books British people have read or would like to read Life's too short to read classic books for any other reason than it's something we love to do. Once read they become part of us - part of our mental furniture - friends and companions for the rest of our lives. With that… Continue reading Survey: Classic books Brits want to read