‘Rules for living’ by Leo Tolstoy, aged 18

At some point most of us take stock of our life, and maybe draw up a life list to get us where we want to go. I've written a few myself! Here is such a list from one of the greatest writers in history - Leo Tolstoy. Here is a list from the great Russian… Continue reading ‘Rules for living’ by Leo Tolstoy, aged 18

QUOTE: Chasing happiness with Leo Tolstoy

It's odd that while most people recognise the truth in this sentence, it changes nothing and we keep chasing. If only we could always be happy in the present. But perhaps that insatiable impulse for another condition is a requirement from evolution (or God/gods) to get us off our b-hinds. https://uk.pinterest.com/longvictorian2/leo-tolstoy/

QUOTE: Gigantic dreams (Thomas Hardy)

Poor Jude. Life somehow got in the way. Jude was the first adult book I ever read. Bromley Public Library. A strange choice really, especially given the ending! Even so, I could tell there was something magical about it – the power of writing and dreams.   https://uk.pinterest.com/longvictorian2/thomas-hardy/