Painting: The Letter of Introduction (1813) by David Wilkie (we’ve all been in this room)

Today is the anniversary of the death of Sir David Wilkie (18 November 1785 – 1 June 1841). A Scottish painter. When I think of Wilkie, I immediately think of the The Letter of Introduction. The Letter of Introduction (1813) Readers reading series #11 The painting was completed in the same year that Jane Austen's... Continue Reading →

Painting: The Day Dream (1880)

The Day Dream (1880) - By Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882). Victoria & Albert Museum. Readers reading #9 Instead of 'Readers reading', perhaps this one ought to be titled 'Reader forgetting about reading' - we've all done it, one moment reading, the next drifting into a dream. Rossetti was an English poet, illustrator, painter and translator... Continue Reading →

Painting: Travelling Companions (1862)

Readers reading #6 The Travelling Companions (1862) - By Augustus Egg (1816 –1863). Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Oil on canvas. 65.3 x 78.7 cm What strikes most people first is that the two young women look almost like a mirror image of each other. There is a post on doppelgängers in Victorian art here.... Continue Reading →

Painting: The Poor Poet (1839)

Readers reading #5 The Poor Poet (1839) – By Carl Spitzweg (1808 –1885). Neue Pinakothek (New Pinakothek), Munich, Germany. There's a man who has the right priorities. Little furniture, but plenty of books. Leaky roof, but no matter as he has an umbrellor. A poet? Not much new quality written that year. For some context... Continue Reading →

Painting: The Novel Reading (1841)

Readers reading #4 The Novel Reading (1841) - By Josef Danhauser: 1805-1845. A happy couple. I wonder what the armour, book on the floor and general clutter means? I suspect it must mean something because the artist (Josef Danhauser) was a man whose work was inspired by a wonderful series of engravings by the English painter,... Continue Reading →

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