Book reviews

Quick list of book reviews:
Alphabetical by surname of author.

Achebe, Chinua – Things Fall Apart [1958] Review

Christie, Agatha – Murder on the Orient Express [1934] Review

Christie, Agatha – 4.50 from Paddington [1957] Review

Conrad, Joseph – Heart of Darkness [1899] Review

Dexter, Colin – The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn [1977] Review

Doyle, Arthur Conan – The Lost World [1912] Review

Doyle, Arthur Conan – The Poison Belt [1913] Review

Doyle, Arthur Conan – When the World Screamed [1928] Review

Doyle, Arthur Conan – The Disintegration Machine [1929] Review

Dumas, Alexandre – The Count of Monte Cristo [1844] Review

James, P.D. – Talking about Detective Fiction [2009] Review

Lennox, Suzie – Bodysnatchers [2016] Review

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr – The Gulag Archipelago [1974] Review

Stevenson, Robert Louis – Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [1886] Review

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