Proof we all have Victorian doppelgangers – spooky!

This is supposed to be a fun post, not serious research. However it is based on something that I’m interested in, the idea of the doppelganger (a ghostly double). See my previous post, ‘Rossetti and the doppelgängers’. Every now and then, when looking at Long Victorian photographs and paintings, I see a face that immediately makes me think of another person known to me today. A spooky curiosity. By adding these to the finds of others, I’ve ferreted away an eccentric little collection. Not much point in my showing you people that aren’t publicly known, but here are some folk that you might be aware of, together with their (mostly Victorian) doppelgängers. Let me know of any other examples. Enjoy!

Orlando Bloom


Eva Green


Tom Hiddleston


Nicole Kidman


Keanu Reeves


Mark Zuckerberg


Justin Timberlake


Nicholas Cage


Robert Pattison


Anne Hathaway


Brad Pitt


Eddie Murphy


John Travolta


Larry David


Rachel Weisz


Michael Fassbender


Michael Jackson


Rupert Grint


Isaac Newton (Sir Isaac’s death-mask) and Robin Williams

Robin Williams / Isaac Newton (from Sir Isaac's death-mask)

Vladimir Putin


You might chuckle now, but one day you’ll be looking through some old photographs and see your doppelgänger gazing back!

BELOW: Victorian doppelgängers on Pinterest (The Long Victorian)

Post on doppelgangers/doubles in Victorian art here.

The Travelling Companions *oil on canvas  *65.3 x 78.7 cm  *1862
The Travelling Companions *oil on canvas *65.3 x 78.7 cm *1862

10 thoughts on “Proof we all have Victorian doppelgangers – spooky!”

  1. I love the US Grant one!! I’m a big fan of the sad general. I live really close to the cottage he spent his last months in as he wrote his famous autobiography. I have a tintype that basically is my daughter! A friend found it. So weird. Don’t you want one of yourself?

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