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Now identified: “Unknown woman D”

I have now discovered the identity of the woman in photograph "D". The photograph was taken c.1903, not in the late 1880s as previously suggested. I won't give out her details as she didn't pass away until the 1970s and still has close living relatives.   https://uk.pinterest.com/longvictorian2/life-in-the-long-nineteenth-century/  

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Answers to photo doppelgänger puzzle

Here are the answers to the photo puzzle I put up recently. A. Unknown young woman from Queensland, Australia (1884). B. Nicole Kidman in The Portrait of a Lady (film, 1996). C. Eva Green in Penny Dreadful (TV drama, 2014) D. Unknown young woman photographed using orthochromatic film. Date not known but possibly taken in… Continue reading Answers to photo doppelgänger puzzle

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Photograph: 1838 The first human on film

Life in the Long Nineteenth Century Photograph #2 1838: The first human on film (bottom, left). A street in Paris. Photograph by Louis Daguerre. The street looks empty. Perhaps the long exposure time required meant that anything moving isn't captured on the photo. Just one person (posing for the camera?) obtains immortality. For context the… Continue reading Photograph: 1838 The first human on film