Survey: Classic books Brits want to read


Survey: Classic books British people have read or would like to read

Life’s too short to read classic books for any other reason than it’s something we love to do. Once read they become part of us – part of our mental furniture – friends and companions for the rest of our lives.

With that in mind I thought this survey from YouGov was interesting (Jan. 2016). It’s a list of 19th century novels with percentages of those who have read them, and those who’d like to read them (easier shown than explained).


yougov survey

The most widely read appear to be Dickens, Pride & Prejudice, Dracula, Frankenstein and Little Women. Those books the British public apparently ache to read but haven’t include War & Peace and Les Miserables.

I notice there are 14 books from my reading list on that list, so it looks like I’m mostly in the green column. Are there any Victorian novels on there that you’re hoping to read? What has put you off? Length? Lack of time?










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