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QUOTE: The importance of breakfast/tea

Food WC_1

I am currently reading The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. A writer of thumping good reads. I don’t expect Great Literature from him, but I do expect to thoroughly enjoy myself between the pages. I also expect many references to food, drink and meals, like the one above. And here is a quote from The Woman in White (his favourite self-penned book).

Food WC_2

Who doesn’t enjoy food and drink references in books? You get a lot of that in Dickens as well, of course. Dickens and Collins were close friends and collaborators – and I expect shared a glass or two. Dickens drank in moderation and Collins loved good food, and wine to excess. Perhaps the two writers shared a glass of Smoking Bishop (as in A Christmas Carol) – I wish I could join them. Cheers.

BELOW: Wilkie Collins on Pinterest (from The Long Victorian).

BELOW: Charles Dickens on Pinterest (from The Long Victorian).


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